Indian Creek Village
Indian Creek Village is a Kekchi Maya Village located in the Toledo District of Southern Belize. 
The villagers are interested in Sustainability through..... 
.....Energy, Ecology, Education, Economic-development, and Ecotourism

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NEWS: Video Maya land rights affirmed, celebration at Indian Creek Village, June 28, 2010

Indian Creek Maya Cave Conservation Trust Project

Village committees work together toward bringing solar energy to their village. Through an ECOnomic Development programs involving the conservation and management of a unique system of caves behind their village,The Indian Creek Maya Cave Conservation Trust Project not only protects the caves for ecotourists to explore, but has improved the economy of the village -- helping them bring solar energy to their school and homes, as well as buy books and pencils for their school.

Call 501-632-7938 or 626-2338 to make 
reservations to visit caves with licensed tour guide. 

With the help of a grant from the Ford Foundation, the Cave project was launched in 2006 and ecotourists are able to visit these incredible caves. 
Call 501-632-7938 or 626-2338 to make reservations with licensed tour guide. 
Click to see Photos of Award Ceremony.
Update Spring, 2006: The trail and around the cave is now cleared. Work was done to develop a small native tree nusery to reforest the area around the site. See Photos.

The Ya’axché Conservation Trust (YCT) has been working with the village to enhance their capacity in managing the area. YCT is a community-based registered NGO, with a primary focus on promoting biodiversity conservation in the Golden Stream Watershed (GSW) area of Belize and to enhance sustainable development and livelihood opportunities in the rural indigenous communities surrounding the GSW.

Call Ixchel Women's Group at 501-632-7938 or 626-2338 to make appointment  to visit waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls behind the Village will enhance the Ecotourist's experience and nearby Nim Li Punit offers explorations of an ancient Mayan civilization.
A walk through the jungle brings the caves into view. With the help of the Ford Grant, villagers were able to clear and maintain trails to the caves. 

A base camp is planned, as well as a camp near the caves for enhanced exploration. A wind generator harvesting the energy from a wind tunnel in one of the caves will later provide lights for the caves and camp. 

Call 501-632-7938 or 626-2338 to make 
reservations to visit caves with licensed tour guide. 

Entrance to one of the caves

The caves, which legend has it, may once were home to the famous crystal skull of Lubaantum, have significant cultural, archeological, and wildlife significance. 

Call 501-632-7938 or 626-2338 to make 
reservations to visit caves with licensed tour guide. 

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Photos by Dennis McClam and Grant Gikas

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