Indian Creek Village Celebrates the Deer Dance
The Deer Dance is a colorful traditional celebration symbolizing the way of life during the Early Maya Civilization The dance emphasizes  the important relationship between humanity and nature. It is celebrated for nine (9) days each year during the month of August. The dancers dance to the rhythm of Marimba music.  The deer dance consists of 24 characters, each representing a creature within the Maya Civilization.  The characters include: 1 old man, 8 deer, 8 soldiers, 1 tiger, 2 monkeys, 2 baboons, 1 dog, and 1 senorita. The old man is the leader of the dance.  The eight deer are taken care of by the old man.  The two baboons and monkey protect the senorita from the soldiers.  The soldiers' capture the senorita, then take her to the center of the dance so that they can dance together.  The tigerís role is to hunt the deer. The dog also protects the deer from the tiger. The senorita owns the little dog and she represents the old manís wife.
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